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Solange Knowles With Mini Afro


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Solange Knowles has got a mini afro hairstyle that is believed to be of the 1970s style which can look stylish on any kind of contemporary person of the African descent. This hairstyle can give a perfect look on anyone depending on their hair that is naturally kinky and it needs a lot of pressure to straighten it. If you have a kinky hair and when it is maintained properly you can easily create a fashion statement. Just follow these simple steps to create this hairstyle at home.
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To get Solange Knowles mini afro hairstyle, first wash the hair with a shampoo and wash it twice to cleanse it thoroughly. Then spread a little amount of hair conditioner all over depending on the length of your hair. One you condition the hair, try ot rinse it as usual and spread a leave in conditioner thoroughly on all the section of your hair. Next brush your hair using a rat tail comb starting from tip to the root and divide it into six parts. Comb your hair to separate it into different blocks and then hold it in place with hair clips. Apply a hair lotion part by part and spritz water to add moisture. Try to tilt the head to dry it with a diffuser and scrunch your hair during the blow drying process to get tighter curls. At last after creating tight and curly hair, the curls will start to loosen.
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