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Urban Mohawk Hairstyle


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An urban Mohawk is a hairstyle that is created with clean shaven head along with a narrow row of long hair which will run down the center of your head. The hair that is remaining will be often colored and gelled to create spikes. In the present day, there are different types of urban Mohawk which is capable of providing a chance to show your unique style choices.
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To get this hairstyle, first wash the hair fully and leave it to dry or use a blow dryer which will make it easier to cut the urban Mohawk accurately. Decide about how dramatic the urban Mohawk must look and to get a Mohawk disguised as a business-like hair cut leave the hair around your Mohawk longer. Use a comb that is suitable for styling the hair during the haircuts and attach a smaller comb for longer cuts. Send the clippers through the hair and leave a patch of long hair down the center of your head. Comb the Mohawk patch that is running down the center of your hair and trim it with scissors till you get the preferred length. A longer Mohawk patch can look more dramatic and shorter Mohawk may be less so. At last spread a hair gel on the Mohawk patch using your hands and leave it to dry which will help the Mohawk to hold in place. To create a more urban look, spread a mousse over the Mohawk patch and tousle the hair.
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