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Geisha Updo


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Geisha updo is a traditional Japanese hairstyle which is worn by women all over the world. In this hairstyle, there will be a simple-looking bun along with two chopstick type accessories on top of the head. This style may look difficult to get, but it can be easily created. While creating this hairstyle make sure to get help from a hairstylist or if you are creating it in your home, get help from a friend. This hairstyle can be easily created in no time by following these simple steps.
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To achieve this hairstyle, first apply a styling cream all over the hair when it fully clean which will help the bun to stay in place. Then tease the hair all over with a comb or brush and create a high ponytail by smoothing the sections of hair with a soft bristled brush. Hold the ponytail in place with a hair band that is same color as your hair. Send the ponytail through the chignon foundation and take a small part of hair to wrap it over as well as tuck under the chignon foundation. Secure the hair with a bobby pin and use the same method on other small sections of your hair all the way around the foundation. At last crisscross two decorative chopsticks in the chignon bun style to end the styling process. Try to purchase the styling item such as styling cream, teasing comb and hair band that are comfortable with your hair.
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