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Edgy Pony Updo


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An edgy pony updo is a perfect hairstyle to look elegant and it can be a perfect choice for different events such as weddings, prom and more. There are many celebrities who wear this type of hairstyle for special occasions as it can be created easily. Just like the other formal updos, this one is also created with a basic ponytail and then it can be twisted around to create a unique looking hairstyle. Here is a simple technique that can be followed to create this style at home without any help.
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To create this style, first wash your hair a day before starting the styling process and make sure that the hair is fully dry as well as untangled. Then smoothen your hair by brushing it with a bristle brush and apply a little amount of styling gel or cream all over the hair to hold it in place. Take your hair together at the crown of the head using your hands to create a ponytail and use a brush to smoothen it. After creating the ponytail take a small section of it to wrap it around the base. Next pull the pony at the front of your forehead and create a twisted loop that must be centered between the front of your head and back of the scalp-crown. Secure the ponytails edge on the side using a bobby-pin about half an inch from the hairline to end the styling process.
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