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Layered Bangs Hairstyle


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Having a hairstyle with bangs can make anyone look unique and beautiful. There are different ways of styling the bangs and one of them is creating layered bangs that usually frame your face to give an alluring look. It is easy to cut the bangs on your own instead of going to a hairstylist by just following these steps. If the bangs look uneven during the cutting process, straighten it slowly by taking your own time and avoid over-cutting.
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Begin the cutting process after washing your with a shampoo and condition it. Then brush the hair and remove knots and tangles. Create a part in your hair by standing in front of a mirror and select part which you will wear most often. Brush the hair back evenly and smooth it further using your fingers to part the hair. Brush few strands of hair in the front over the forehead to create a thin fringe and keep it evenly distributed along the forehead. Start cutting and brushing more strands of hair from both the sides of the front parts to thicken the front bangs. It should start about one or two inches in front of the middle of the head. Add the layers to your bangs by simply cutting more strands of hair in the front of your head and now make leave each strand longer and longer than the front bang till the longest strand falls few inches past your ears.
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