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Nicole Richie With Overlay Ponytail


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Nicole Richie has got a hairstyle with overlay ponytail that is mostly considered as a high-end hairstyle. Anyone can create a simple ponytail within minutes, but creating an eye-catching hairstyle can be difficult. But this hairstyle is very easy to create and it can also be a perfect choice for people with short hair. Just follow this simple method to achieve this style within minutes without getting help from anyone.
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To get this style, use an add-on ponytail if your hair too short to create the ponytail. Make sure to use the add-on which matches your natural hair color and texture. Next wash your hair and blow dry using a hair brush to make it merge with the add-on for a natural look. Start brushing your hair straight back from forehead to create a pompadour on top of your head. Take out few strands the hair at the sides smoothly and join the natural hair with a rubber band. Join the add-on ponytail to your head with a rubber band in case the natural hair is too short. Try blending your hair with the add-on ponytail as possible and hold it in place with bobby pins. Finally use a jeweled ponytail holder or a ribbon to cover the joined area. Apply a little amount of hair gel in your hands and spread it over the ponytail. Curl the end of the ponytail to make it look unique and mist the hair with a hairspray.
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