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Hairstyle With Braid Crimps


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Having crimps in the hair is one of the most stylish and easy way of creating an updated hairstyle. You can also braid wet hair to create the crimps as well as waves and keep the locks in mint condition. Most of the women will crimp their hair using a heat-induced crimping iron which can cause damage fine hair and also create breakage or split-ends. Here is a simple method that can be followed to create braided crimps.
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Start the styling by washing the hair a night before the styling process. Avoid conditioning your hair as it can make the thin locks to fall flat. Then comb your hair to get rid of any tangles using a wide-tooth comb and add a golf ball-size amount of styling gel all over the hair starting from the tips to the roots. Comb the hair again to distribute the hair gel and divide the hair into four equal sections. Now create four different braids and each strand crimps. Keep a section down and secure other three sections up. Comb the free section and start braiding your hair from the scalp to the tip. Secure the end with a small ponytail holder and use the same process of braiding on other section of the hair. Next remove the braids in the morning and pull it apart carefully without using your fingers. Finally spread plum-size amount of styling mousse all over the hair and scrunch it upward to get more hold.
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