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Platinum Blonde Hairstyle


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A platinum blonde hairstyle is one of the most unique ways of styling your hair. This style can be achieved by bleaching your hair with hairstyling products. It is very important to follow a proper method to create this hairstyle to prevent damage to the hair. Most of the women prefer professional hairstylist to color their hair, but it can be done at home by following proper techniques. Make sure to wear rubber gloves while coloring your hair and try to get help from a friend during the styling process.
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To a platinum blonde hairstyle, first wash your hair as usual. Get a hair bleaching kit that is well known or consult with the hairdresser for a professional recommendation. The start applying the bleach from the back of your head and slowly move toward the front of your head in half inch sections. Make sure to apply the bleach quickly and carefully with the help of proper tools from the coloring kit. Leave the bleach to stay on your hair for the recommended amount of time to get the desired color. Next rinse your hair with warm water till the bleach comes out and use a little amount of shampoo to get rid of the bleach from your hair. You can also rinse the hair with lemon juice or white vinegar. Those who have dark or medium brown hair, they must bleach their hair several times to get the platinum blonde color.
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