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Brooklyn Decker With Curly Bun


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Brooklyn Decker has got a beautiful curly bun which is a classic way of styling the hair. This hairstyle is a perfect style for any special occasion and it is very easy to create on long hait. It can be achieved on any type of hair such as straight and curly hair. Most of the celebrities prefer this hairstyle including as it can make them look more attractive. Here is one of the simplest method that can be followed while creating this style at home.
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To create this hairstyle, first wash and condition your hair with hair products that are perfect your hair. Next use a towel to dry your hair by gently squeezing it and pull your hair to create a ponytail. Take one inch section of the hair to wrap it around your fingers on one hand or put it around a barrel curling iron to create curls on the entire section. Keep the curl against your head and secure it using bobby pins. Use a barrel curling iron to curl your ponytail which will take about 5-10 minutes which depends on the length of your hair. Finally roll your ponytail and create a bun over the head at medium height on the head. Spritz all over your hair with a firm hold hairspray which will help to keep the bun in place and mist spray each curl with the same hairspray after securing the bun using the hair pin.
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