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Weft Ponytail


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A weft ponytail is the simplest way of creating hairstyle with a short or long hair. Hair weaving on the weft is used for sewing to create long and straight, wavy or curly locks. It can be used to create a ponytail style in a very less time than it takes to weave. A weft ponytail will give more flexibility in style and it will also allow to reuse the weft on another ponytail. Try to use more bobby pins to secure the hair in place.
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To create a weft ponytail, first wash and condition the hair before using a blow dryer to dry your hair. Then take the hair into the position where you will make the ponytail sit such as the crown of your head. Next spread a little amount of hair gel all over the hair and make it using a hair brush. Wrap the ends of the hair around a rubber band to create a hair ball and then secure it with bobby pins or an additional rubber band. Now keep the end of the weft against base the hair ball and secure it in place using a bobby pin. Start wrapping the weft around your hair ball and then secure it with bobby pins. Try to place at least three bobby pins every time you wrap the weft to make sure that the ponytail stays in place. Now you can style the ponytail as per your desire.
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