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Curly Micro Braid


curly micro braid curly micro braid2
Micro braids are small English braids that are created over the entire scalp of your head. It has different variations and one of them is a curly micro braid which is easy to achieve. This hairstyle can cause damage to your hair which can be prevented by wearing beads or shells at the ends of the braids. It can be styled with any type of hair, but make sure it is at least medium to long.
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To get this hairstyle, first wash your hair with a suitable shampoo and condition it properly. Then rinse the hair and dry it with a towel. Keep the hair slightly damp and divide a small section of braids at the front of your head. Wrap the braid around a hair roller and roll the roller up to your scalp. Secure it with a bobby pin to make the roller hold in place. Use the same process on the other parts of the hair that was divided to create head full of braids. Mist all over with a medium hold hairspray when the hair is still damp which will make the braids to hold the curl after removing the rollers. Leave your hair to dry and then remove the bobby pin at the front of your head and unroll the hair from the roller to get a bouncy set of curled micro braids. Now remove all of the curlers from your hair to end the styling process.
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