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Ringlet Updo


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An updo hairstyle can be a perfect choice for those who have medium to long hair and there are different variations that can be created with an updo. One of such variation is called as a Ringlet Updo which can be achieved on any type of hair. It is also very easy to create this style without getting help from a hair specialist. Just follow these steps to achieve this hairstyle without any difficulty.
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To create this hairstyle, first part the hair on the side of your head and section off the hair starting from front to back, ear to ear. Then take the back section up to create a loose ponytail and if your want leave out few strands fall of hair that can be curled to frame your face. You can also create up to four ponytails and make sure each of them have the same amount of hair. Start braiding the ponytail and try twisting it up as far as you can. Use bobby pins to secure the ponytail and use the same method on the other ponytails also. At last take small sections of your hair from front and start weaving them to create an updo. In case the sections are very short, try to curl them using a one inch barrel curling iron or a two inch barrel iron to create a softer effect and mist the side strands with a hairspray to end the styling process.
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