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Tidy Ponytail


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Creating a tidy ponytail can be a perfect choice if you are having a bad hair day. This hairstyle ic considered to be simply timeless as it has been worn by most of the women from a very long time. If you don’t want to have any lumps of hair around the head, just pull the hair tight which is known as a tidy ponytail.
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To create this style, first comb the hair from top to bottom about eight times and make sure each side gets at least two strokes. Mist the hair with water to make it damp which will make it easy to mold your hair. Comb your hair on top of the head and smoothen it with your fingers. Now take the combed hair with your thumb and brush it from the side up to the top. Continue this process until the hair frames your face above the ears. Next scoop up the left out hair on the right side with your right hand and take it over the left while it scoops up remaining hair on your left. Brush the hair lumps in the lower sides and leave the hair at the top as it is. Keep a hair tie around the hair using your hand and secure the hair in place with a rubber band. Try to double the rubber band and now there must be a tiny bit of elasticity left which must be left as it is.
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