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Jennifer Lopez With Cage Braid


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Jennifer Lopez has got a cage braid that is a unique as well as simple way of styling your hair. This hairstyle can look very difficult to achieve, but it can be created very easily without getting help from a hair specialist. It can look good on anyone, especially on small kids, but it can be worn by the elders also. This style can be a perfect choice for those who want to look completely unique. Here is a simple method that can be helpful in creating this style at home without any difficulty.
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To create this style, first brush your hair fully to get rid of tangles and take the entire hair to create a high ponytail on top of your head. Secure the ponytail with an elastic band and then start creating a three strand braid by taking top section of your hair from the ponytail. Take a few section of the hair from left side of the head and add it to the left side strand and start braiding it. Now take a few section of the hair from right side of the head to add it with right side strand and continue braiding it. Use the same method to braid the hair on the other strands too and secure it using an elastic band. Finally pull your braid which was created first to make a cage like structure and secure it with the help of a bobby bin.
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