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Methods To Interlock Dreads


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Interlocking dreads can be done by following a proper method as it involves tightening of individual locks and adding new hair into the existing locks. You don’t need any tools to interlock the dreads as it can be done by using a paperclip and your fingers. This process takes several passes to tighten as well as add the newly grown hair into the dreadlocks. Here is a simple method that can be followed to interlock dreads at home without any difficulty.
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To interlock dreads, first straighten the paperclip and take the ends together to create a loop shape. Start twisting the ends together to hold the loop and then take the dread with new hair growth close to your which is straight. Keep the paperclip into the dread creating a hole close to your scalp and push it through until you have enough loop on the other side to keep the dread into. Thread your dread through the top-side of the loop and pull the paperclip with the twisted end sending the loop as well as the dread through the hole created by the paperclip. Continue this process until all the dread become tight to the scalp and try to thread the dreadlock through the top-side as well as under-side of the loop which will create a Y shape in the dreads. Always remember, when the new hair growth has reaches ¼ inch, then it should be interlocked into the existing locks.
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