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Bleach Hair Permanently


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Hair coloring is usually done to make the hairstyle look very unique. Most of them will use the hair color sometimes and if you want to use it permanently you must have lot of patience as well as right tools. Bleaching the hair permanently is a new way of having a beautiful hairstyle even though it may lead to hair loss sometimes.
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To bleach your hair permanently, get the hair product that is mostly used by everyone. Purchase a high quality bleach to have better bleach. Before using the bleach product, read the instructions on the product. Then wash your hair with cool water and mix the bleach as per the instruction on the box. In most cases, the bleach product must be mixed with water. In case the bleach product is powder, make sure to mix it to make a paste. Start applying the bleach on the hair using your fingers over a sink generously until your head is entirely covered. If you want to make the bleach stay for a longer period, make sure to rub it into the scalp firmly. At last wash the bleach mix using cool water and leave the hair to dry for a few hours or you can also use a blow dry by setting it low. Now you will have a head full of bleached hair and the same process must be followed every few months until the pigmentation of the roots change permanently.
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