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Peaches Geldof With Tapered Pixie


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Peaches Geldof has got a tapered pixie hairstyle which is almost similar to a pixie haircut and it is usually worn on a short hair. This hairstyle is also worn by men too, but it is mostly worn by women only. Try to get help from a hairstylist while creating this style and avoid doing it on your own if you don’t known how to use the scissors for cutting your hair.
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To get Peaches Geldof tapered pixie hairstyle, decide about the length which you will be having. Use hair clippers at the base of the neckline and pull guard away from the back of your head by moving the clippers. Roll the hair up using a comb on the base line and then move clippers up to the sides as well as back of the head by cutting hair on the comb. Cut your hair short to long and move upwards around your head. Use the clipper-over-comb method which is a perfect choice for tapering hair at lengths that are longer than the guards. Trim the hair bangs with the help of your fingers and leave the amount of hair that sticks through the comb. Next style the hair by adding a little amount of hair gel or any styling product that texturizes your hair. Start twisting small sections of the hair to make it pointed and tousle the top bangs to add more volume at the crown of the head.
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