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Lauryn Hill With Double Strand Twist


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Lauryn Hill has got a double strand twist hairstyle that is the most fun way of styling the hair. This hairstyle is able to give a break from normal wear and tear of daily styling, because it can be left without touching for few days depending on your hair type. Sometimes it may look very much similar to a braid, but this one can be created much faster than a braid. It will look good on a tightly curled hair and even on an African American hair.
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To get Lauryn Hill hairstyle, first separate a smaller section of the hair to create smaller twist and larger section to make larger twists. Hold the rest of your hair separate with hair clips and comb out a section which was divided. Spread a little amount of gel in case your hair is fully dry and separate the hair into two different sections with the help of your fingers. Cross one section of the hair over other and switch the section of hair. Continue crossing the hair over of the two sections to add the twist together and it will now look like a rope. After reaching end of the hair, curls will wrap around themselves to create a twist and it can be secured using a small rubber band. If you are planning to remove the double strand twists out the hair, there will be nice wave pattern of hair which can give a unique look.
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