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Clipper Cut Ponytail


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A clipper cut ponytail is a trendy hairstyle which can be created with a little amount of work along with few hair tools. This hairstyle can be achieved by cutting the hair into layers and styling with a unique criss-cross pattern. The ponytail can be kept away by putting your hand into the ponytail and it can be created within half an hour.
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Brush the hair with a comb to completely detangle it. Then divide the hair into three sections including one on each side and one on top. Use a hair clip to keep top layer out of the way during the styling process as it will not be used till the end. Make the two side sections of the hair back to create a ponytail and it must lie fairly high at the back of your head. Now the hair must be pulled back as tight as possible and make a ponytail out of two side sections by pulling it back as well as tying them together using a hair band. Next take the top section that was secured earlier and take it back to the ponytail at the back and it must not be tight. Loosen your hair by holding the top section to the ponytail that was created first and push it in the opposite direction for a loose poof on top of your head. Secure the poof with a bobby pin at the base and attach it to the first ponytail.
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