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Sarah Jessica Parker With Flower Bun


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Sarah Jessica Parker has got a flower bun hairstyle which is a very unique way of styling a standard bun. This style is a perfect choice for special events such as a wedding. Most of the women really want like to style their hair like this as it can give a beautiful as well as unique look. It can be a perfect hairstyle for those who are having long hair because first you make create a ponytail and turn it into a bun.
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To get Sarah Jessica Parker hairstyle, pull your entire hair to create a ponytail and then secure it using a rubber band into five various sections half way down. Create a knot over the divided sections of the hair and continue to twist one at a time under your head by reaching it at starting point of your ponytail to make it look like petals. Start rolling the next sections of your hair in the similar way like the first one and try to roll it into a curl. Hold each sections of your hair in place with bobby pins with a Chris-cross technique. Securing your hair sections is a very important process in this style which is usually done carefully with additional care to create a flower like hairstyle on the head. Try to add any hair accessories to make it look attractive. It is easy to achieve this hairstyle, but make sure the length of the hair is at least medium to long.
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