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Perimeter Braids


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Perimeter braids have become very popular now a days as most them wear it regularly. This hairstyle is expected to add more texture to your hair along with a romantic appearance. It is very much similar to a loose braid that can be created on the edge of your hairline. You just need to put minimal effort and follow few simple steps to get this style home.
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Separate your hair at the part line to make two individual braids which will be collect at the back. Secure the second part away from the first section and create the braid just like how you would finish two French braid pigtails. Take a section of your hair at the top and braid the strand near to your face followed by the strand which is furthest away which is similar to how a French braid is created. Keep the braid line near the edge of your hairline and continue this process until the braid reaches the top of the ear. Now pull the braid outward away from your head and continue to braid in the strands closest to the face. Continue to braid the hair while gathering sections in small pieces and make the braid to form on the furthest outer side of your ahead. Secure the hair with a hair tie and use the same method on the other section of the hair. Now the braid will look like a double braid extending from center crown of the head downwards.
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