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Rainbow Hairstyle


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Rainbow hairstyle can be easily created on any type of hair. Adding colors like this does not consume lot of time with some little practice. But creating this style, you must be able to bleach the hair until it becomes platinum blond. If you have used a dye to color your hair before and particularly black color you must bleach the hair with the help of a professional hairstylist.
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To color your hair like a Rainbow, first you must wash the hair and avoid condition it. Then dye your hair platinum blond a day after washing the hair and try to make the hair as white as possible which will make the color stay brightly. Select a rainbow hair color product which includes crazy color or special effects which is available in large hair salon or beauty supply shops. Next divide your hair off to start the coloring process and make sure to use one color at a time. Mix the hair color that will be used until the right hue and color it on a section of dry hair. Leave the hair color as per the manufacturer’s directions and try to rinse it thoroughly before applying the color to another section of the hair as it may cause bleeding from one color to another. Now pull back the portion that was colored and go to the next color. Continue this process of coloring until you create a rainbow on your hair.
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