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Braided Bun Updo


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There are various types of updo that can be created on different hair types. One of the most beautiful and unique way of creating an updo is with a bun which will be braided. A braided bun updo is a very typical hairstyle that can be worn by anyone with medium to long hair. Here is a simple method that can helpful in achieving this hairstyle at home without any difficulty. You can also add hair clips or barrettes on your updo to add a dramatic effect.
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To create a braided bun updo, first you must part the hair in the center of your head. Then divide one inch sections on both the sides of the part and about two inches from the hairline. Next take a two inch section above each ear and hold it in place using hair clips. Now take the rest of your hair to create a low bun and wrap it, then pin it against the nape of the neck. Start braiding the top sections of the hair and pin the ends into the bun. Braid the side sections of the hair and pin them on top of your head. Try to curl or scrunch the side strands of the hair and mist all over with a little amount of hairspray. Creating a braided bun updo can be sometimes easier if you avoid using a shampoo to your hair and try to leave the hair a day to accumulate some oil.
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