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Samurai Topknot


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Samurai topknot is a hairstyle that was usually worn by the ancient Japanese samurai warriors. In this hairstyle, there will be a tight bun on top of your head. The best way to achieve this style is growing your hair at least style shoulder length. In the present day, this style is worn by both men and women to get a unique look. There is no need to go to a saloon to create this style as it can be done at home by following this simple method.
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To create this style, first comb the hair completely before starting the styling process. Then straighten all of your hair with a flat iron as you must have texture to create a authentic Japanese topknot. Spread a quarter-sized dollop of gel all over the hair and make sure it is evenly applied. Next flip the head upside down and then comb the gelled hair against your scalp on the back as well as the sides. Collect all of your hair on top of the head and create a ponytail with a hair tie. Start to coil your ponytail tightly around the base to create the bun and secure the end of your bun to the head with the help of two bobby pins crossed in X formation. You can also add a headband in the front of your head for extra sophistication. This style can be a perfect choice for a semiformal or any type of formal occasions.
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