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Fast Mohawk Hairstyle


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A fast Mohawk is the easiest and quickest way of creating a Mohawk hairstyle with a short hair. This style can be created when the hair is wet and then you can blow dry the hair straight up. You must use a generous amount of hair gel while creating this style and it can be achieved at home without any additional help. There is no need to cut your hair into a Mohawk to achieve this look as it can be created by using hair gel.
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To get this style, first wash your hair and keep it damp. Take a section of the hair in your hand straight up and dry it with a blow dryer. Then move on to the next section when it becomes completely dry which will make the hair dry into the shape of the Mohawk. Remove any curl or frizz from the hair with the help of a straightener and use it with your hair straight up just like the blow drying process to get the final Mohawk. Now take a hair gel and spread it heavily al over your hair. Try to use a glue to hold the hair in the Mohawk and there are different type of hair of gels available in the store, try to use the best one that can be stiff enough to hold your hair. At last style the hair into a Mohawk and the leave it to dry naturally to end the styling process.
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