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Thread Wrapping Hairstyle


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Thread wrapping the hair has become one of the most popular way of styling the hair among teens. This style can be easily created by a teen on their own once they become knowledgeable about thread-wrapping hair.
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Divide a section of hair that will be used for the thread wrap and hold the rest of the hair with a hairband. Take two to four colors of thread and hold it up to the hair. Then cut it about two feet past the ends of your hair and tie a knot on top of the strings to keep it all together. Tie the thread on top of the section of hair with a regular knot and leave the string to hang down. Next loop the thread around a piece of hair and secure it with a simple knot. Pull the knot to make it go all the way to the top and try to create one knot at a time. Pull the string till it reaches the top and after six to eight knots, go to another color. Take the new color and wrap it around the hair with a knot at the end. Pull the string until the color reaches the top and make six to eight knots before switching to the next color. While using only two colors, try to alternate them until you have reach the end of the hair. Finally tie few knots at the end of your hair and cut off any excess thread.
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