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Hairstyle With Half Braids


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Half Braids can be a perfect hairstyle to express yourself with the hair. It is a versatile style that can look good with any type of hair starting from straight to curly and medium to long. A variation which is created with standard braids or French braids is known as half braids which can be left down, style it half up or even create a ponytail. After creating the Half Braids wear a headband or decorative clips over the hair to get a unique look.
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It is very simple to create this hairstyle, first brush through the hair with a wide-toothed comb. Make sure to decide the area where you will be braiding the hair and the number of braids you are going to have which also includes half braids. Begin the braiding process with first part of the braid that is very close to the hairline. Braid the hair until you reach about half way down the pieces of your hair. After reaching the halfway down, secure your braid with a small clear hair band. Leave the rest of your hair to lay straight or curl it with a curling iron. Use the same process on each half braid which you are going to create. At last scoop out a little amount of hair wax and apply it in your hands. Spread the wax lightly on the half braids to control flyaways which can ruin the sleek look of your braids.
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