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Tone Brassy Highlights


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Highlighting your hair can give a very interesting look for anyone with short to long hair. There are chances of damaging your hair when you plan to lighten dark hair. Brunettes usually face serious problems with highlights turning brassy as there will be red undertones in their hair. The cuticle in the hair will usually become more porous that can’t hold color and it is one of the main reasons for tone brassy highlights which can be avoided by these steps.
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Try using a color wheel such as yellow or orange and also have a look at the color on the opposite side of the wheel which is usually used to fix the highlights. Use a color enhancing shampoo or a conditioner along with a purple or blue base. Try to create your own conditioner by just combining equal parts of regular conditioner along with a purple or blue semi-permanent dye. This one can be used on a regular basis to keep the highlights from turning brassy. Use a toner on the hair regularly which tints the hair to the desired color. Apply a protein filler all over the hair to make it become less porous and hold color. Try to dye the hair with the proper color over the filler or just use colored filler available in a beauty supply store. At last wash the hair on a less frequent basis and not normally you would do to make the color stay true.
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