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Crimped Updo


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A crimped updo is the best way to achieve a trendy look along with a classic style. Crimped hairstyles used to be very popular during the 1980s and most of the women wear it on regularly even in the present days. This hairstyle can be styled into a number of different ways hairstyles such as it can be left long or even put into an updo. Here is a simple process to create a crimped updo without damaging your hair.
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The hair can be crimped by following different methods and using various tools such as crimping iron. Before crimping the hair, make sure to wash and dry it thoroughly. Keep a small section of the hair in between the plates of the crimping iron and press it gently. Hold the hair for about 2-3 seconds to create the crimps at the crown and then move to the ends. You can pull the crimped hair over your head to create a twist or even a bun at the back of your head can give hair full and stylish look. This style can be a perfect choice if you are looking to have a clean as well as professional hairstyle. The crimped hair will still be visible along hairline and on the scalp, even though most of the hair will be twisted at the back. You can also pull out few locks of hair out of your updo around the face to show few of the pretty crimps.
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