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Emma Lung With Wispy Bangs


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Emma Lung has got a simple hairstyle that has got wispy bangs and it can be a perfect style for those who want to have long hair. Most of the women like to have this type of hairstyle because it can suit any kind of face. Regular bangs are also worn in a wispy style by separating hair into sections that hang in clumps. The hairstyle can also be created with few strands to make it hang over your forehead.
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If you have a straight hair, then this style can be created very easily and you may have to a little more effort in case the hair wavy or curly. If you have a thin hair first spread a little amount of styling wax or a pomade to add more weight and texture to your tendrils. Most of the time, it can be created on the hair which is fully dry and follow the same thing. Before the hair cut, wash and dry your hair fully. Begin your cutting with small parts of hair and take few front-most tendrils of the hair from the locks. Start cutting your hair to its longest length and also create wispy bangs. Once you finish trimming few strands of hair try to add few more on the left as well as right side by increasing horizontal range. At last look at the hairstyle in the mirror to make sure it is perfect and mist the hair with a styling hairspray.
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