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Josephine De La Baume With Floral Bun


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Josephine De La Baume has got a very unique bun hairstyle which is known as a Floral Bun. It can be worn by a bride or a bride’s maid at the wedding. There are many women which also include celebrities who try to have this type of hairstyle as it can give a unique look. This style is easy and simple to achieve in few minutes by creating a bun as per the desire and add a flower to it. It can be created without any help from a hair stylist at home on your own by following these simple steps.
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To create a Floral Bunt, first apply a generous amount of hair gel all over your hair to create a smooth looking hair. Then create a ponytail at the back of your head to keep it away from the face. Secure your hair with a hair band near the back-center area of your head or try to hold it in place just above your neckline. Take a length of your ponytail and wrap it tightly around your hair band. Try to tuck the ends of your hair under the hair band and then secure it using bobby pins. Use a small floral design which can include a real flower or an artificial flower for an elegant touch. There are many people who wear a white flower with this hairstyle and you can also add colored floral attachments to match your outfit.
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