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Messy Topknot


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A messy topknot is a very casual and unique style that is a part of the chopstick hairstyles. This style can add a sophisticated formal or casual look for anyone who wears it. It can be create into several different hairstyles depending upon the hair lengths. You can also add hair accessories such as pins with flowers or even tie a ribbon round the bottom of the bun to make it more unique. A curled ribbon strip can be attached underneath the bun if you are wearing this style for a wedding.
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To get this hairstyle, first slick your hair at the back of the head just like you do to create a ponytail and collect it at the crown of your head. Start twisting the hair into a messy bun and insert one chopstick diagonally through to secure it in place. This step is very important and make sure that the chopstick is correctly anchored to the crown of your head. Now use the second chopstick to insert diagonally through the hair on the other side of the bun. The bun must be sculpted by using lot of hair products as well as heavy twisting or try to keep messier by leaving twist looser. You can also create a spiky looking topknot by sticking the hair through the middle of the bun and spike it with hair gel or hairspray. Pull out few strands of hair from side and mist all over the hair with a hairspray.
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