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Bumpit Ponytail


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A bumpit ponytail is one of the most unique variations that can be created with a standard ponytail. Adding a bumpit can easily change the look of your ponytail and it can also add volume at the crown of your head.  A ponytail with a bumpit can add volume to your hair along with a playful look within minutes. Try to apply a little amount of shine serum all over the hair to control the flyaways before starting the styling process.
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It is easy to achieve this style, first part the hair on the crown of the head with the help of the end of a comb just behind your ears. Comb the hair in front of your crown forward towards the face and keep the bumpit just behind where the hair has been parted. Then brush the hair at the back of your head away from the face. Tease the bottom layer of your hair over the bumpit and make sure it has been fully covered. In case it is not been fully covered, you must try to reposition it. Pull your hair down gently and then add it into the teeth of a bumpit. Next pull the length of your hair back off of the face and secure it with a rubber band at the back of your head. You can also pull it back to create a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and spritz the top of the hair with a hairspray.
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