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Hairstyle With Ribbon Curls


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Having a hairstyle with ribbon curls can give a great look if you have medium to long hair. Achieving this type of hairstyle can look difficult, but it is possible to create it easily. This style can be created with flat iron by following a right technique. Here is a simple method that can be followed to create this hairstyle without getting help from a hair stylist.
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To start the styling, first brush the hair to get rid of any tangles. Then spread a heat protectant hair gel all over the hair and ends to avoid damage. Secure the hair up using large clips and leave one section of hair exposed about one and half inch wide. You can release more sections of the hair as you need them and keep the hair out of the way to make the styling process simple. Now clamp a flat iron close to your root of the section and then twist it away from the face. Pull the hair gently on the iron till you reach the bottom and release the section which will spring up into a curl. Use the same method on other parts of the hair that was secured earlier. At last apply a nickel-sized amount of styling gel in your hands and spread all over your hair. Try to run your hands together before spreading the gel which will warm up the product and it can also give a shiny finish.
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