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Hair Bun With Pencil


bun with pencil bun with pencil2
Most of the women like to keep their hair away from the face by pulling it up away. One of the better way to do this is creating a hair bun. You can easily achieve this style by using a simple pencil and it can also look more attractive. Here is a simple method that can help to get this hairstyle at home.
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To create this hairstyle, first brush the hair using the fingers to prevent tangles and make it smooth. Use your hands for twisting the hair at the back which can be done over the middle of your head, on top or bottom of your head. Twist the hair until it is completely twisted like a rope of hair. Make it fully tight to keep hair together and keep it a little loose to send a pencil pass into it. Take top of hair line in a hand and bottom of your hair line on the other. Then move bottom section of hairline around base of it before winding it till all the hair becomes compact on your head. Keep the spirals in place using your hand which keep the end of rope of the hair. Use a pencil to make it stick into a side of spiral and through entire mass of the hair over other side. In case the pencil won’t go through the hair you would have twisted the hair too tightly.
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