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Kimberly Caldwell With Choppy Bangs


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Kimberly Caldwell has got a hairstyle with choppy bangs that are a perfect choice for all the types of hair starting from long to short. This style is mostly created with a technique which is called as point cutting that involves trimming bangs in various angles in a V shape. Then create a very uneven point at the end of the hair. Most of the women which include celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle for many occasions.
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To begin your styling method, first go through your hair, especially the front of your hair and comb the bangs using a wide tooth comb to get rid of tangles. Then brush your bangs straight down in front of your forehead and hold the rest of your hair using a hair clip. Take a part of the bangs in the middle of the index and middle fingers. Use your fingers down the hair and stop about a quarter inch away from the point of cutting. Begin to cut the excess hair that is below the fingers using a scissor and make sure to keep the scissors vertically and point the tip upward on top of the bangs near your hairline. Create a small snip into the bangs at an angle to create a V shape and continue to cut the hair in different angles. At last take out the small pieces of hair that will be stuck around your face to complete the styling.
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