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Roll Micro Braids


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Micro braids are the best hairstyle that can offer a flattering look and it also helps hair growth for short hair. There are different types of micro braids as it involves a short braiding process with a small amount of natural hair. You can also roll micro braids with the help of standard styling tools along with other supplies to roll a natural hair. Here is a simple method to roll micro braids using pin curl clips.
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To roll micro braids, collect a section of hair and the larger you create the pin curl sections, the resulting curl will be bigger. Spread a generous amount of moisturizing cream all over the hair and give special attention to the ends. Take your hair at the bottom and then create a curl. Start rolling the curl upward toward the scalp gently and keep the curl flat against the head. Try to create the curl round and avoid creating in an oval shape. Round pin curls can be used to secure the hair and make sure to roll the pin curl in a direction where the rest of the curl will be rolled. Secure the curl to your head with a bobby pin and avoid damaging the underlying braid of your hair. Take another section of your hair to create the curl in the same manner and leave the pin curls set overnight. Now you can take out each pin and finger comb the curls.
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