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Mini French Braids


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French braids are known to be a classic hairstyle that is created from one or two large braids at the top of your head. A mini French braid is a very unique way of creating a hairstyle where the braids are placed in various places on your head. You can also add any hair accessories including ribbons or hair bows to complete the look.
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Brush the hair and mist all over with a detangle hairspray. Part the hair using the end of a comb and start twisting the hair in a section to create a small bun. Divide your hair into three sections just like a normal braid and cross right section over middle section making the right section the new middle section. Tighten down the hair and cross the left section over the middle section. Keep the three sections in the left hand without any tension so your braid will not slip apart. Pull a narrow strand of your unbraided hair from the top section on right side which will be braided into the plait. Keep the three braided sections in the left hand and include a narrow strand of hair to right section of the braid. Cross it together over the middle section and hold the braid your right hand. Pull a narrow strand of unbraided hair again from top section on the left side and include it to the left section of the braid. Continue this process until you reach the end of the strand.
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