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Side Twist Ponytail


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A side twist ponytail is a solution to keep the hair out of your face. This hairstyle can look practical as well as fashionable on any type of hair. Wearing a ponytail with a twist on one side can be a classic style which recalls the majesty of Hollywood.
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To achieve this hairstyle, first part the hair on one side of your head using a flat brush. Part the hair on the right side if you are planning to wear the ponytail over the left shoulder and while wearing it over your right shoulder, part the hair on the left side. Start twisting the hair up toward the part on the side on the temple and gradually move from the temple to nape of your neck by collecting loose strands along the way. Keep the twisted section in place using your one hand while and insert two to three bobby pins into the section with your other hand to secure it in place. Collect the hair from other side towards the opposite of the twisted section and twist the hair from front to back just like before from the temple. Now combine both the sides together at the side of nape of your neck. Secure second twist by using a bobby pin in the place where the hair twists around back of your head. At last wrap your ponytail through an elastic hairband to secure it in place and to get into the look.
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