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Sporty Bun Hairstyle


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A sporty bun is a perfect hairstyle when you want to keep the hair simple and beautiful. It is a perfect hairstyle suitable for any kind of face and hair type. There are different varieties of a sporty bun hairstyle which can be learnt very easily at home and it can be worn for special occasions also. Here is a simple step that can be followed to create a sporty bun using sock.
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To get this hairstyle, first use a sock to create a small bun suitable for short or thin hair. Start rolling the top of the sock up until it resembles a doughnut and brush the hair to create a ponytail. Place the ponytail high or low at the back of your head which depends on the length of your hair. Slip the sock over the ponytail and thread your hair through the middle of the sock. Now hold the sock at the back of your head and spread the ponytail around the curves of the sock to distribute the hair evenly. Make sure that all of your hair covers the cloth of a sock. Use an elastic band to secure the base of the bun and try to tuck additional hair into the bun or secure it using bobby pins. Finally mist all over the bun with a hairspray and you can also tie a scarf or a ribbon around the base of the bun to make it attractive.
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