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Glam Ponytail


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Wearing a basic ponytail can be sometimes boring for some of them and it can made glam by following few styling methods. You can also add panache to the hair along with a runway-inspired look if you are planning to go for a date night or create side ponytail to get the 1980s look. Try to add accessories to make the hairstyle look more attractive and to add a little flair.
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There are different ways that can be used to create glam ponytails. Pull the hair back and pin at the nape of your neck. First apply a straightening balm all over the hair and comb it through to distribute the balm evenly. Comb your hair back and wrap a piece of hair around the ponytail holder. You can also add a poof to the ponytail by adding height at the crown of your head. Pull the bangs upward and tease at the roots. Then comb the hair to create a ponytail and pull the bang area back of your head with your fingers. Secure your ponytail at the crown of the head and pull the hair upward for additional height. Spray the poof with hairspray to secure. You can also create a side ponytail like the 1980s by securing the ponytail under the left or right ear. Apply a straightening balm over the hair and brush the hair downward to secure it into a ponytail under your left or right ear.
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