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A swept ringlet updo is a unique way of creating a hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the hair tousled which can give the messy look. There is no need to practice any special method to get this hairstyle as it can be done by anyone who can create a normal braid. This updo can be made more attractive by adding sparkly barrettes or hair clips which can draw attention to the dramatic effect. Just use this simple technique to create this style.
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It is easy to create a swept ringlet updo, divide the hair on the side and then section off the hair, from front to back or ear to ear. Pull the entire back section of the hair to create a loose ponytail and leave few strands to fall out of the tail as it can be curled to frame your face. You can also create up to four ponytails and make sure that each of the tail contains almost same amount of hair. Start braiding your ponytail and twist the braid up as far as you can to secure it using bobby pins. Now take a small section of hair from front and then weave it into the updo. In case these sections are short, curl them using a one inch barrel curling iron or a two inch barrel iron to achieve a softer effect. At last spritz all over your side strands with a hairspray to end the styling process.
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