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Curly Pigtails


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Curly pigtails are one of the most beautiful ways of creating a hairstyle. This style is mostly liked by kids and teens. It is also the easiest and most effective way to create a hairstyle with a spiral curling iron and one-size curls on the entire length of your hair. Using a wide-barreled iron can be perfect to create big curls or iron with a smaller barrel to achieve tighter ringlets.
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To begin the styling, first create a pigtail as usual and mist it with a heat protection hairspray to avoid damage to your hair. Brush through the hair to distribute the product evenly all over and then collect one or two inch thick segment of hair from loose tail. Secure the ends under the clamp of a pre-heated spiral curling iron and start rotating the handle of the iron to wind the hair with the barrel. Keep your hair in place as mentioned in the instructions provided by the supplier of the device and mostly it will not be more than ten seconds for longer waves. Take the hair from the barrel and unwind the newly-created curl. Next hold the curl in one hand and continue to curl rest of the hair in the pigtails. Use the same method to curl the loose hair and arrange the curls as per your desire using your fingers. At last spritz all over your hair with a hairspray to keep the hairstyle in place.
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