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Flat Twist Bun


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There are many hairstyles that involve twists over the side of the head and it is usually called as flat twists. A flat twist bun is a part of this hairstyle that looks good with a curly or coiled hair. This hairstyle can look elegant on any type of hair and it is also easy to manage as well as create. It can be a perfect choice for an evening night out or a formal interview or business meeting and it can be worn to keep the hair out of your face. Here is a simple method to achieve this hairstyle at home without getting help from a hair specialist.
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It is easy to get a flat twist bun, first you must create a flat twist on top of the head. Next take the rest of your hair to create a bun on top of the head by twisting it to on one side and then wrapping it around itself. Then secure the bun in place using a hair band or hair clips. You can create a bun either low near the neck or even high on top of the head. Most of the people will usually have vertical lines of flat twists which will be running from the hairline down to the nape of your neck. In this place, the hairstyle will twists into a bun or a chignon and it can be held together with hair pins or a clip.
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