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Off Center Chignon


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A chignon can be a perfect hairstyle for different occasions such as weddings or parties. There are lots of variations that can be created with a chignon and one of them off center chignon which can look fresh as well as new.
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To get this style, first wash and condition the hair. Then brush the air with a wide-tooth comb to create a deep side part and blow-dry it with a round brush to create smooth locks. Spread an anti-frizz serum all over the hair to control stray hairs and to achieve shiny locks. Add a texture to the dry tresses and give the bun more body by wrapping one or two inch sections of hair vertically around the large-barrel curling iron. Curl your hair just below the ear and gently brush them for flowing waves. Tease the hair at the crown using a fine-tooth comb to create a slightly retro style and smooth the teased locks. Now collect the hair at the nape of the neck and pull it from one side to the other side of the head. Twist the hair into a bun behind one ear and hold it in place with hairpins. You can also add more volume to the bun by using a hair donut or create a low ponytail at the side of your head. Keep the bun messy by pulling out few strands of hair to get a tousled look and mist all over with a hairspray.
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