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Diane Kruger With Looped Ponytail


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Diane Kruger has got a hairstyle with looped ponytail that can be a perfect choice for events such as a senior-ball. This hairstyle can be created easily if you get help from a hairstylist, but it can also be done at home. It can be a perfect style for most of the face shapes and especially easy to create with a straight hair. In case of wavy or curly hair use a straightening iron to make it completely straight. Most of the women including many celebrities wear this hairstyle for special events. Just follow these steps to create this hairstyle at home without any problem.
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To create a looped ponytail, first sprtiz all over your hair with a hairspray which will make it smooth. Then pull your entire hair back to make a mid ponytail and secure it using an elastic band. Use your hands to separate the ponytail into 3 equal sections and try to create a loop on each part of the hair by using your finger. Use a bobby pin to hold the hair in place and mist all over the hair with a hairspray to complete the styling process. Make the hair loose using your fingers to achieve a soft effect and you can also add a barrette to create a fancy look. This style can also look very complicated for most of them while creating it for the first time, but can become easy with some practice.
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