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Hairstyle With Scalp Plait


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Creating plaits on your can look simple most of the time, but if you are trying to create a variation in can be a difficult process. One of such variations is called as a scalp plait which may look complicated to achieve, but it can be created with few simple techniques.
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To create a scalp plait, first make sure you have a long hair and then comb your hair fully to get rid of tangles. Starting from the top of your head, divide the hair into three parts such as the first strand on top middle, second strand left of the top and third strand to the right of the top of the head. Now you must create a regular plait by adding the right strand over center strand and left strand over center. Next add extra hair from right side just below the previous right side part of the hair. Take it over the center piece and collect the hair from the left below the previous left strand over the center strand. Keep the plait snugly and keep collecting hair strands from right and crossing over the center strand by taking another strand from the left crossing over the center. Continue the braiding process until you reach the bottom of your hair. At last, the scalp plait will be placed down the contour of the center of the head which must be secured with a small rubber band at the bottom.
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