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Bald Fade Hairstyle


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A bald fade hairstyle is a best way to keep your hair completely short for a long period. Most of the hairstyles that are short will be difficult to achieve, but this one is so easy it can be created on your own without getting any suggestions from any hairstylist. It is mostly worn by men as the hair will be cut extremely close to your head from bottom of the hairline and half way up to the crown of your head.
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Brush all of the hair towards outward from the crown of your head. Then set the electric clippers on highest setting, and keep the blade furthest from the tip of the guard. Now imagine an invisible line around your head which will be the guard line and keep the clipper flat against the face to move it upward. Starting from the bottom of the sideburn cut your hair. Cut the hair around your head in the same manner leaving the hair top of your head and sides should be bald. Next cut the hair on top at this point by keeping the clipper at its highest setting and now there will be hair on top of the head towards to the guard line. Continue to cut the hair in the same manner in front of one ear and all the way around the back of your head to the other ear. Brush the clipper straight down in a downward motion to make a small straight line.
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