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Hairstyle With Flippy Bangs


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Flippy bangs are the perfect hairstyle that helps you to look completely unique in a crowd. This hairstyle has got its name from the fact that it usually flips away from the face, covering your forehead. It is also a style that is worn mostly by the teenagers.
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To create this style, first wash your hair and blow dry it fully. Then create a deep part on one side of the hair with a round brush about 2-3 inches farther down than a regular side part. Secure all your hair back and leave the bangs as it is. Brush the bangs toward the part blow dry the bangs toward your part by lifting the roots using a round brush. Dry the hair in the opposite direction from natural direction and use a round brush to add body to the hair. Brush the bangs away from the part and mist them with hairspray to hold the flip in place. Now brush the bangs straight down toward the face and straighten it in three to four pieces with a straightening iron. Use the iron through your hair and lower the head slightly to make the bangs hang down a bit. Use a straightening iron to flip the ends back toward your head and run the iron again in sections before twisting it back toward your head. At last brush the bangs across your forehead and then flip the ends back with a round brush.
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