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Hairstyle With Chic Bun


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A chic bun is a simple hairstyle that can look perfect for various circumstances. If you are planning to get a casual look or want to keep the hair away from the face, this style can be the appropriate one for you. Most of them will also style their hair in this manner to look professional and this one can a great choice for those who are going for work or attending a job interview. This style is will help to accent your personality in the workplace. Follow these simple steps to create this style at home without any difficulty.
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To get this style, first get an old sock which simile to your hair color. Then cut the end of the sock to make a hole about size of a quarter. Then pull the hair to create a ponytail, then fold the sock over to make top of the sock and its hole to line up. Pull the ponytail through the sock and splay the excess hair evenly over the sock by leaning over. Make sure that the hair covers the entire sock and use a head band to wrap around the hair as well as sock. At last secure the ends of the hair on the edge of the bun using hair pins and mist all over the hair with a light amount of hairspray to ensure it is in place. Keep the hairstyle simple and avoid using any hair accessories.
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